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Net is a web software of School Mangagement Information System.
Content preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school and the entire private schools.
Content and Operations with the information system to be constructed t along with the infrastructure of interactive education, the possibility of interaction and follow-up among institutions, the formation of institutional memory, institutional archiving, the enrollment of the student in the school, the record of personal information of a student with a photo, transfer transactions,absentee entry and folow-up of absentees, the entry of timetable, the information of the teachers who will teach the lessons, exam dates, the entry of development reports and student councelling sevices can be carried out through NET-school system.
As the teachers have the possibility to enter all kind of information about the student through the constucted information system, thanks to the parent information system both students and parents will have acceess to all the information given by the teacher about the student.

Parent- Teacher

The only thing the students and parents who want to enter the system is to type the security code and the students number. Acces to the system is so easy.


Students can learn their exam results through the system easily . They can enter the system now and then to find out whether the results of the exams have been announced by their teachers. Through the information system paraents not only they can learn about exam results but also they can check all kinf information about the student such as student enrollment, transfer information,absence information, exam details, weekly timetables, e-report cards, documents received by the student, certificates of appreciation, honor ceritificates, announcemnets, average of written exams and many other entries.


All kind of information about the grades students get from tests, projcts and performance can be viewed days before they receive their report cards.


Enrollment and transfer transactions can be foolowed through NET information system


Statistics about students course –based, class- based grades , school exams, city exams and national exams can be obtained as a list, report or graphs to make comparisons and evaluate the results in an appropriate manner. So, as the policies for national education is being formed, it will be easier to produce solutions and development suggestions.


The Ministry of Education makes all its announcements over this system.


  • Entry of administers, Teachers, Parents and Students
  • Responsive Design ( compatible with PC, Tablet and Mobil Phones)
  • Texting all users ( e-mail /SMS)
  • Announcement for school events and timetables
  • Reports of a daily activities in the classrooms
  • Reports of daily attendance and absentees
  • Gradeing system and creatinf exam timetables
  • Reports of test results
  • Reporets of homework, projects and peromance activities
  • Reports of councelling services

Parent Portal

With the special access permission given to the parents, they can check students absence, homework,exam timetables, exam grades, parent- teacher meeting hours, lunch food lists, study hours, school bus information. They can also get in touch with school teachers and managers easily through this system.

Student Portal

Students can obtain all school materials according to topic titles,and they can also record them to their apparatus. They can demand study hours from specific teachers.They can turn in homework assigned to them by teachers.They can do exams given to the by teachers and see the results. They can communicate with teachers online easily.

Teacher Portal

Through this portal, teachers can coordinate all operations among student, parent and school managers.Teachers can share homework, study hours, content, exams and other activities online.They can chay with parents online they can arrange to see them face to face using the caht and message modules.With the councelling module,they can share their opinions about the students and so contribute to their development.

Councelling Module

The councelling department can record all information about the students on tis portal. They can do tests and surveys on students and get the assessment results. They can arrange meeting hours with students and parents.

Administrator Portal

The managers of the school can share and update the dynamic information they wish tos hare on the administration panel.They can have sylabusses, events, activities, exams, teacher meeting hours, timetables for study hours, statistics and reports on this panel.Through this portal they can manage their school more efficiently.